Anyone who has ever been to Slovenia has heard about Soča, the magnificent crystal clear and ice cold river, which flows through a beautiful landscape. The river is definitely something to look at. Its enchanting turquoise colour is certainly a sight for sore eyes and its dangerous looking river rapids might scare even the bravest among us. Many people visit Soča every year as there is loads to see there and even more to do. The glorious river might be the perfect place to visit for any tourist that spends a couple of days in the country of Slovenia.

What Can You Do There?

There are a lot of activities to do in or near Soča. It is probably the most famous for things like Soca Canyoning, kayaking or rafting. Soča is a great place for water sports, so many amateurs and professionals often come to do some Soca canyoning and rafting – Soča is a river with many wilder parts so adrenaline is certainly a part of the package. For those that do not like Soca canyoning, and do not dream of releasing their stress with rafting, Soča offers other, calmer activities. Fishermen can spend the whole afternoon fishing for trout, while photographers might dedicate their time to making gorgeous photographs of the river and the beautiful world around it. If you simply want to relax and forget about your worries, you could take a long walk along the river and view the charming flora and fauna. Although the river is very cold, the stunning blue colour attracts many swimmers, who probably do not last long in the freezing water. There is no need to worry about running out of activities because there is always a lot to do on the most beautiful river of Slovenia.

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