Although Soca river does not stand out with exceptional length or width, it is very memorable for every visitor that beholds it in their sight. The first thing to notice is definitely its emerald color and impressive clarity, while the next thing is the opportunity to explore the river on boat or on foot. The adventurists and adrenaline junkies will soon find the best activity for themselves – Soca offers a lot!

Among the most popular choices is Soca river rafting which is done along the whole length of the river, but far more prominently in the upper course. There are several towns that come alive with tourist offer during the summer. Bovec is the most advertised hotspot with Kobarid and Tolmin both offering just as impressive collection of services for outdoorsy tourists. Soca river rafting is available in all of these towns, each of them also offers various starting points and course profiles. Tolmin is generally the best choice for timid and relaxing tours with Kobarid and Bovec being more suited for those seeking excitement on white water. Soca river rafting in this part offers all you can imagine!

The tributaries of the river are just as potent with opportunities for explorers. That’s why Soca river canyoning is also very popular and well-developed activity. Even though Soca river canyoning is rarely done on the river itself, it’s usually promoted as such. Better destinations for this activity are smaller streams that flow from surrounding hills, as they have narrower and deeper canyons with the water itself being shallower and more exciting to navigate on foot. Soca river canyoning is just as attractive as rafting, maybe even more for those looking for some peace and quiet from all the ruckus of summer tourism.

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