One of the most beautiful European rivers will amaze the visitors with its unique color and picturesque ambient, but there are many other ways to really experience the river. One of the options is to simply go to the river and soak your feet in the cold water. If you want more, there are several great suggestions.

One of the options is definitely rafting. Actually, the most popular activity on the river might just be Soca rafting Slovenia is becoming very popular among the foreign tourists that come for this specific experience. But of course the offer is the same for all kinds of tourists that want to experience Soca rafting, Slovenia is also the preferred destination of many domestic tourists. In every case, there are great experiences waiting. Rafting can be easily packed into attractive group tours that are professionally guided and include everything you’ll need. But the main attraction is still the river itself, that’s why for Soca rafting Slovenia invites all the foreign visitors.

A unique experience is waiting at every corner, especially for those that are not afraid to pick some of the more interesting options like Soca river canyoning. Canyoning is becoming more and more popular, but requires a very suitable ambient. On the Soca river, canyoning doesn’t offer the best options, but there are several tributaries that are ideal for this activity. It’s a special experience that takes the best from both the Soca river and the tributaries themselves. In every case, Soca river canyoning is done in the heart of the unspoilt nature, along the challenging canyons with crystal clear water. The whole experience is specifically tailored to the tastes of real adventurists that want to enjoy the challenge. That’s a great way to discover the Soca valley as well!

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